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I love designing outdoor spaces just as much as indoor spaces. I grew up in the sunshine on the East Coast of South Africa, in a coastal city on the Indian Ocean. Our lifestyle was one that blended indoor and outdoor living seamlessly; where all our rooms opened out onto covered outdoor patios that flowed into infinity edged pools, outdoor kitchens and dining and destination relaxation areas.

My travels have taken me to 6 continents and 34 countries, and although I love exploring historical cities, culture and architecture, I always feel a deep soulful connection when I'm vacationing on an island or on an exotic beach.

As an Interior Designer in Las Vegas, the warm desert climate demands ToDiFor outdoor spaces to relax and enjoy the majestic mountain, or the magical Las Vegas Strip views. Cabo San Lucas Mexico, and the Sea of Cortez, provide a dramatic backdrop for drop dead gorgeous outdoor lounging and dining spaces. Our recent trip there to celebrate our anniversary, has fueled my design soul and I'm so inspired to create unique and magical outdoor spaces for my clients.


USING REEDS for walls and roofs as seen on this outdoor covered patio that leads out to a private plunge pool at at the luxurious Solaz Hotel in Cabo, not only creates shade, it amps up the ToDiFor textural and visual drama of the space.

An outdoor covered patio using reeds for the roof and the walls adds textural drama to the space. The patio leads out onto white beach sand and to a private plunge pool.

DRAPING ROPE horizontally as a roof covering, and contrasting it with thin reeds laid out vertically, creates visual art above, and when the sun filters through the roof, the countertops and the ground become alive with shadow linear art.

The horizontal wood clad walls at the beach bar, add another dimension to the linear theme of the roof textures, and the large "windows" set into the wooden support structures on each end, open up the view to wrap you in the turquoise of the Sea of Cortez.

Outdoor bar with warm wooden walls and rope and reed textured roof in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

If You're Building Your Dream Home in Las Vegas, or if you are looking to Glow Up

Your Existing Outdoor Space, call me! I'd love to create something special with you.


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