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A wall of beveled diamond shaped mirrors above a fireplace
A wall of beveled diamond shaped mirrors above a fireplace

the jewel box

elevating living room design

My clients granted me complete artistic freedom for this space. The room begged for a vibrant splash of color, while the windows called out to be highlighted and celebrated.

My encounter with this preening peacock whilst on vacation in Mexico, sparked this elegant jewel box transformation.

A wall of beveled diamond shaped mirrors above a fireplace
A large living room with a pair of teal blue velvet sofas and gold accent lamps with floor to ceiling windows and drapes
A living room before the new design transformation

a todifor glow up

The previous owners' dated colors were replaced with a jewel toned palette of rich teal blues and injections of emerald green, white, creams and gold.  

The walls were originally finished in a dark taupe plaster and made the room feel very oppressive.


To amplify the light from the 22ft tall bay windows as much as possible, we finished the walls in a softer white plaster and highlighted them with gold leaf.  The hints of gold leaf are featured subtly, but add visual interest to the space. 

A living room in a luxury home with 20ft tall ceilings and a mirrored wall above the fireplace
Gold leaf on a white plastered wall with blue and gold accent furniture and art
feature wall

By adding angled custom bevelled mirrored tiles to the feature wall, and refacing the fireplace tile with a modern white mosaic tile, the wall is now a reflective statement art piece, opening the room to the beautiful garden and mountain views.

An imageof a fireplace before the design transformation
A tiled mirror feature wall above a mosaic tiled fireplace
A tiled mirror wall reflecting floor to ceiling windows
A fireplace makeover with white mosaic tiles and a mirrored wall

jewel tone elegance

A pair of gold standing lamps on either side of a gold console table with an art piece above it
Decorative accessories styled on a glass top cocktail table with coffee table books
A pair of gold velvet swivel chairs in a bay window with floor to ceiling drapes
Teal blue sofas face each other with a glass cocktail table and a white shag rug

The rich color palette of teal blues and emerald greens are carried through to the dining room to ensure a cohesive flow throughout the open plan living space.

8 custom dining chairs and table with a built in buffet cabinet
A living room with teal blue sofas with a view of the diningroom
Custom contrast fabric on diningroom chairs around a wood dining table
A dark wood round entry table with a white orchid on a cream rug
Fabrics and color palette in blues and greens
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