My client wanted to carve a piece of her Texan roots into their new 9000 sq ft dream home on 16 acres at the Oregon Golf Course.   Her vision was clear and precise and her house-planning file was meticulously crammed with years of magazine pictures for inspiration.
Joining the process at groundbreaking was perfect. From the very beginning, as we talked through design concepts, my client and I found ourselves finishing each other’s sentences. We knew instantly that we had a match made in heaven and that we were destined to enjoy a design adventure of a lifetime. 

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Detailed wish lists banished all colors they had enjoyed for the past fifteen years. The bold and strong accents of vibrant reds, greens and gold’s in their old house were to be replaced by a cooler and quieter palette of off white, temperate blues, warm taupes and rich moccas.  

The finished look was to be elegant but welcoming, comfortable and unpretentious. Elements of surprise and a Texas touch had to be injected into the design plan, without it looking or feeling Western.  Most importantly, a relaxing Feng Shui feel of balance had to permeate the house, without any hints of Asian design. 

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" It is hard to be brief when discussing Di Barker’s attributes. However, when I consider her work ethic, the three most important qualities that Di possesses are, an incredibly diligent and thorough follow through, an amazing eye for design and an exceptionally keen business mind."

I have never been more confident in handing over a task to someone as I was with Di. Not one time in two and a half years was I disappointed, not one.


We would discuss an idea and Di would tirelessly follow up and follow through until the idea/goal was met in its entirety.

Her eye for design is classic and impeccable.


Not only does she have an eye for what works well in spaces, she has an endless list of suppliers that are accustom to meeting her exceedingly high expectations. It is evident that her vendors admire, trust and respect her.

During our project I crowned Di the "fabric queen" because she knew just what texture, color and pattern would be perfect.


As she described it all, I could see it in my mind - then at our next meeting, like magic, the exact fabric we envisioned would be in her hands!

Di makes it her business to understand the minutest details of any and EVERY situation that may arise during a design job. After dealing with Di once, you will understand her keen sense of business. Whether she is shopping for a $20,000 piece of custom furniture or a $20 accessory vase, Di knows the true "worth" of an item, and knows how to squeeze the most value out of a dollar, to get it."