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What Does An Interior Designer Do

FACT - There is no better investment than hiring a professional Interior Designer.

What does an Interior Designer Do that will Save You Money?

Luxury living room by Di Barker Interior Designer in Las Vegas

What does an Interior Designer do and how can they help homeowners navigate the design process in building a new home or with a remodel?

Interior Designers Successful Interior Designers have something very few other people have:

  • We are gifted with a natural born ability to see scale and proportion in 3D. As you share your goals, your dreams and your aspirations with us, we begin to create it all in technicolor in our minds.

  • With years of knowledge and experience we are able to quickly size up and offer sensible suggestions on how your space can be improved.

  • We coordinate with the stores, contractors, architects and other artisans to complete your project on time and within budget.

  • We create and manage project plans like timelines, a budget as well as priority lists.

  • It is our job to know which contractor would be the best fit for you.

  • We are able to answer and solve the hundreds detail questions, such as finishes and sizes, that come up in every room, so you don’t have spend time figuring it out (and perhaps fixing it if you get it wrong).

  • We have the vision to repurpose and recycle those special pieces that mean the world to you.

  • We help you to make sensible decisions based on your budget and priorities.

  • We respect your budget and will share that sometimes a fresh coat of paint and new hardware, can make a piece of furniture feel brand new.

  • We work on increasing the value of your home for resale purposes, as well as making it aesthetically pleasing.

  • We are team players and value your input.

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