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" Our HOMES are where we LIVE, where we LOVE
and where we CELEBRATE with FRIENDS and FAMILY.

It is paramount that the spaces I create for my clients RADIATE with JOY as well as with BEAUTY. "



My quest is to understand how you live, what you love and what you need, to create a dream space for you to enjoy.

My expertise is in hearing and understanding your needs and turning them into a concrete plan you will love. 


I work relentlessly as your design guide to fulfill your vision, drawing from your culture, passions and life experiences, to create a space that does far more than meet functional requirements.

My commitment is to find creative ways to refresh, reuse and recycle existing furniture, accessories and materials to augment a fresh and updated design plan.

My intention is for you to have fun and enjoy the design process with me.


From the first meeting to the very last, my design process is a collaborative effort to help you create your ideal vision: one that is truly a “feel good” space and an expression of your personality.

My pledge is to allocate your resources wisely, invest and manage your investment budget respectfully, whilst focusing on quality and longevity, that far exceeds your expectations.

I believe in “good old fashioned” customer service and I treat each project as if it were my very own home. When clients call, I call them back. When there are emails to respond to or paperwork to do, I do so promptly.


My approach is personal and detail oriented whether it is new construction, a remodel or a smaller project of soft furnishings and décor.


Throughout the process, I work diligently to ensure that your transition appears effortless and stress-free.

I have earned respect and trust from my clients in handling the many organizational complexities of a full makeover, a remodel, a renovation, or a new construction project.


Not only am I creative, I am a sound and savvy businessperson with many years of experience managing multimillion-dollar projects.


I am known for finding the best deals and giving my clients the best value for their investment. 

My obligation is to hold contractors, as well as my vendors to the highest standards. I place a high priority on quality, to adhering to schedules and to coordinating and managing the design plan.


I communicate with you thoroughly and frequently to ensure that everyone involved in the project, is working toward the same goals and completion date.


My promise is to invest your budget as if it were my own.

As a classically trained Authentic Chinese Feng Shui Practitioner and as an Interior Designer, I am able to blend these two modalities to create interior and outdoor spaces that invigorate the spirit, relax the soul and generate the most perfect settings to amplify and capture all of life’s special moments.

My purpose is to build upon your ideas and collaborate with you throughout your design journey.


I begin my design process by planning how you will use your new or redesigned space. To set the scope and tone of the project, function, form, flow, storage and lighting requirements are addressed in depth to ensure your needs are met in their entirety.


My strength is in being able to conceptualize scale, seamlessly blend textures and patterns and competently solve problems should challenges arise.

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My well-rounded training enables me to ground my designs with a tangible harmonic energy that resonates through all of my work.


My focus is honed on clear and effective vendor and contractor communication.


Communicating every detail in an organized and timely manner, ensures that my designs are executed productively, errors are reduced, omissions and delays are avoided and most importantly, that your budget is maintained and on track.

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