If I am working with an architect, builder or a contractor, do I need an interior designer on my project?


An architect’s job is to design the house and plan it’s structure. 


The builder or contractor’s job is to build the house according to the architect’s plans. 


In addition to the aesthetics of a space, an Interior Designer’s job is to apply creative and technical solutions

within a structure that are functional, attractive and beneficial to the occupants' quality of life and culture.

" When we met with the builder, Di was very helpful in flow of the floor plan, redesigning rooms, layout, etc.

When it came to choosing items, Di really understood my tastes.  

It was a partnership. This was great, and made me really feel like it was my home. "



When do I need to involve an interior designer on my project?


The earlier the better!  You have the most options with the design during the initial planning stages.

I have never worked with an interior designer before. How does it work?


Each client and project is different. The first step is to schedule a consultation so that we can discuss your project and work on how best I can assist in your process.

Why should I hire my own independant interior designer?

Many retailers such as Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware to name but a few,

now offer "free" interior design services.

If you are doing one or two rooms and love a particular store's aesthetic and are looking to have that look throughout your home, then this may be for you.


Independant designers like myself have the option to source from all retailers.  We are not limited to only one store.  

As an independant interior designer, I have access to thousands of products, materials and finishes; many of which are only available to the trade.

To-the-trade showrooms do not operate like a retail store. They sell their merchandise exclusively to interior designers, architects and design stores at wholesale prices.


Not all retail stores employ trained and experienced interior designers. Often times it is the retail employees who have a sound knowledge of their product line, that come out to evaluate your space. 


Almost 99% of retailers offer generous "designer discounts" to independant interior designers such as myself.  

I in turn, pass these discounts onto my clients to help offset their design costs.  

In reality ..... is it fair to say you are receiving 

"free" design services, when purchasing directly from a retail store?

What is your decorating style?


I enjoy working in a variety of styles and creating custom interiors to best reflect the interests, culture, experiences and personalities of my clients. I am known for creating designs that are classically timeless, whether they are traditional, rustic, eclectic, or modern.


I believe in grounding my designs with a tangible harmonic energy that resonates through all of my work. As a classically trained authentic Chinese Feng Shui Practitioner as well as an award-winning Interior Designer, I am able to blend these two modalities  to create indoor and outdoor spaces, that invigorate the spirit and relax the soul.

Do you work outside the Portland metro area?

Yes. Each job is considered on an individual basis.

What is your fee schedule/pricing structure?


When I receive a design enquiry, one of the first questions I am often asked is: 

“What are your rates?” or “How much will it cost?

I work on an hourly basis. My billable rate is $150 an hour. This covers my design work, client appointments, selections, detailed drawings (if the project calls for it) as well as site visits. $75 an hour is charged for drive time for projects over 30 minutes outside of Portland.


My clients are billed every two weeks and each invoice contains detailed explanations such as the date, the task, and the time invested, in 15-minute increments.

What are your business hours?


My hours are typically 9:00 to 5:00 - Monday through Friday. Evenings and weekends are by special appointment.

Do you do vacation homes and investment properties?



I work through the design details just as I would on your very own home. I will guide you through fixture and finish selections, detail all the specifications to put out to bid

and implement, revise bids and oversee installation.


Following selections, I am able to provide you and your builder with specifications that clearly communicate every detail in an organized manner.

Do you work with REMODELLERS and BUILDERS?



I can assist your clients in the design and material selections for their new home or renovation.

I can help your clients break down the large amount of selections into manageable phases so that they are not overwhelmed with the decisions that need to be made.


I specialize in staying ahead of your construction deadlines so the job can progress smoothly. Working together as a cohesive team, I can assist you and your client in achieving a beautiful, finished project.  

Do you work with REALTORS ?



I can assist your clients in uncovering the potential of their new home and expose them to opportunities that will help them realize their ideal lifestyle. 


Please contact me to help your clients through their buying process.  I can assist alleviating any questions they may have.  


It would be my pleasure to guide them through the process of any renovations or design upgrades.

I have used Di for my own home and I have referred her to my clients.

Di is able to assess clients styles and needs immediately upon entering their home and meeting them.

Di is extremely professional, yet warm and approachable.

My clients come away from the first meeting, knowing they will get what fits best for their lifestyle and Di delivers just that. She has immense energy and creates a positive energy in all her clients homes. She stays on budget and adheres to the agreed upon timing. I recommend Di Barker Interiors for small and large projects, color, design, remodels, staging and outdoor living.


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