The Design Concept



After completing the Design Agreement, our next appointment will be scheduled in the following week or two, to fine-tune the design details so I can develop your personalized design plan. This will include floor plans, furnishing layouts etc.


Working with treasured pieces you have, finding creative ways to refresh, reuse and recycle existing furniture as well as accessories and materials, is a high priority for me. All of these pieces will be listed and photographed, so that we can incorporate them into the design plan. 


Once we have a detailed list of all we need to complete the project we can plan showroom visits.

I encourage collaboration with my clients,  Selecting various finishes, fittings and hard surface as well as fabrics, colors and furniture pieces together, allows me to fully understand your aesthetic.  This is also a huge time saver which not only speeds along the process, but saves valued investment dollars.  


Some clients may not have the time to allocate to this, or they may find it overwhelming to make so many choices. Should you prefer not to join me on the showroom visits and have me make selections for you to choose from, I will work with you to make this experience as easy as possible for you.

Design Plan ~ Client Presentation

Once we have made all our selections we will meet so I can present the entire design plan to you.


This will include final floorplans, cabinet drawings, tile layouts, surface finishes, paint colors, furniture, art, fabrics and accessories so that you can see all the project components together. 


Final selections will be confirmed and sign offs will be required at this time.


I will work hand-in-hand with you to incorporate your ideas and any changes you may need into the final concept.

Construction Phase

Design Action Plan

My goal is to plan every minute detail so that the process is as smooth and as stress free as possible for you.


Once the concept is fine-tuned, I will prepare specifications for our team of builders and artisans. 


At this time I will coordinate the ordering of all our final selections. Deposits on all final purchase selections will be due at this time.


I will oversee the manufacturing of any custom pieces as well as manage delivery dates to ensure they are on time.



I place a high priority on adhering to schedules. managing your investment dollars, as well as coordinating the process.


I communicate thoroughly and frequently with my clients, as well as the builder and tradespeople, to make certain that we all are working toward the same goals and completion date.


During construction I will schedule regular site visits to ensure my designs are being implemented correctly and that a high quality of work is maintained throughout the project.


I will develop deficiency lists from my walkthroughs at each visit and will address these with the contractors  and will follow up with them and with you accordingly.



I will coordinate a full installation day (or two for larger projects) for you and manage all the furniture and accessory deliveries and their placements, as well as oversee the installation of window treatments and blinds.   

Apart from setting up your living spaces, I will dress your beds to welcome you home so you can enjoy your first night in comfort in your brand new space.


Should you wish to include some detailed final touches to elevate the warmth of your new environment,

I will be delighted to add monogrammed towels and doormats, as well as other items including dishware, flatware, glassware, bedding and towels, at the time of installation.

 From here I hope to move onto 

your next design 

challenge with you ! 

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